Urban Heat Islands

As large cities continue to grow, urbanization has negative effects such as pollution, modification of surrounding atmosphere and the covering of vegetation and soil. Soil is able to trap moisture which is then released to cool down surrounding areas, while vegetation provides shade. When there is reduced or fragmented natural areas, buildings in large cities […]

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Agriculture on the Environment

Agriculture, especially animal agriculture, has been shown to be one of the leading causes of deforestation, pollution and water consumption. (Cowspiracy, 2015) Although this is slightly controversial because of how large and important the animal agriculture industry currently is to the economy. The effects of agriculture can be direct through deforestation for grazing land, or […]

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Blanding’s Turtles in Southern Ontario

The Blanding’s turtle is a freshwater reptile found by the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence of Southern Ontario. About 40% of the world’s freshwater turtles are threatened, in Ontario 7 out of 8 species are at risk. The slow reproductive rate of the Blanding’s turtle makes it more susceptible to conservation threats. A major threat for these turtles is habitat loss and fragmentation […]

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Displacement of Wild Horses

Wild horse populations in Western North America has dropped 98% since the 19th century. (WHP) The government has a large part in this; the United States government has decreased wild horse habitat 40% since 1971, and 5/8 wild horses are put into holding facilities (this is done by scaring them with a helicopter). (WHP) Costs […]

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Salmon Farming on BC’s Coast

There are many adverse effects to salmon farming in BC, although it is needed since the ocean can no longer providing enough wild salmon to meet demands. Salmon farming does have its benefits; it provides jobs and is worth $400 million in export sales (2010), it takes pressure off of wild stocks, and if properly […]

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